Earth Day Activities for Kids


Earth Day 2021 is quickly approaching (April 22nd) with this year’s theme being ‘Restore the Earth’. While the reason behind this day is easy for adults to understand, anything to do with the earth and keeping our planet healthy and happy is a brand-new concept for our little ones.


We’ve put together a list of 5 easy Earth Day activities to do with your kids to help teach them about the environment.


  1. Decorate reusable shopping bags. Choose a machine-washable bag, and purchase some decorating supplies, like glitter glue, fabric markers, stickers, and stencils with earth themes. Little ones will feel so proud to bring along their special tote bag on future shopping trips, while protecting the environment from plastic at the same time.
  2. Turn your trash into Earth Day art projects. Decorate cardboard boxes (even shoeboxes) and use them to organize mail, magazines, or other craft supplies. Or, transform empty plastic milk cartons into a bird feeder, or old cardboard egg cartons into planters.
  3. Plant a small garden in your front or back yard. Let them pick out either a few plants or packs of seeds and talk to them about the importance of caring for the earth while you play in the dirt together.
  4. Plan an Earth Day scavenger hunt. Make a list of outdoor items for your toddler or pre-schooler to collect from outside, like leaves, flowers, rocks, and sticks. Then, line up all the items they found and speak about their importance to the environment.
  5. Clean up your local park or beach. Young kids are constantly picking things up with their hands to investigate them, so why not have them put that to good use by picking up trash? Make a day out of it by heading to a local park with a picnic or to the nearest beach and pick up some trash while you are there. Be sure to spend some time explaining why it is best to throw our trash away in trash cans rather than littering.


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