Duties Of the Concierge Desk Staff

Once a mainstay of hotels and the hospitality industry, concierge staff can now be found in hospitals, office buildings, residential complexes and real estate offices. Their typical duties include helping guests and visitors with reservations and queries as well as managing logistical details for easier travel. Gumtree outlines the duties of concierge desk staff:

  1. Concierge staff is well-versed in local sights and sounds, making it easier for them to customise itineraries for their guests according to preferences and interests.
  2. Related to this, a concierge can also provide guests with a quick, crash course on the local lingo and dos and don’ts before they venture out.
  3. A concierge can help guests, travellers and visitors find their lost items such as passports and jewellery.
  4. In an apartment building, a concierge can arrange pickup or deliveries of postal services or dry cleaning.
  5. If you are away on holiday, you can request your concierge to water your plants or take your pet for a walk every day. However, don’t forget to tip them for their efforts.
  6. In hotels, a concierge can arrange for restaurant reservations and other booking before the arrival of the guest.
  7. Concierge staff can provide localised information such as the busiest routes and areas with heavy traffic for ease of travel.
  8. A concierge can help out-of-town guests with urgent medical needs such as doctor or dentist appointments as well as prescription medicine.
  9. If you want to celebrate a special occasion or propose to your loved one, involve the concierge in your plans for special deals and the most beautiful locations.

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