We’re giving away thousands of vouchers!

Dream Mobile and Gumtree will be giving away thousands of vouchers to lucky posters in our electronics category! These vouchers can be used for a 15% discount at any store where Dream Mobile devices or Raztech accessories are being sold, for the discounts on the aforementioned devices or accessories. Only one voucher may be used per customer. Vouchers may not be resold. The Dream Mobile vouchers will remain valid until 30/03/16, while the Raz Tech vouchers will remain valid until 29/02/16. No refunds will be given.

Terms and Conditions can be read here:

Terms and conditions Vouchers DREAM MOBILE

Terms and conditions Vouchers RAZ TECH

You can also win 1 of 10 Dream Mobile tablets by following our Facebook page and answering easy questions during the month of December!

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