Don’t fall victim to farming scams

There’s been a spate of farm-related scams on social media and classifieds of late. Here’s how to ensure that you are protected:

  • If it’s too good to be true, don’t proceed

The common modus operandi is for scammers to offer feed, land, livestock or equipment at extremely low prices. In order to ensure that they conclude the deal, buyers put down hefty deposits or pay upfront, without seeing the goods in person. Never hand over money until you’ve viewed an item or property and never pay deposits.

  • Don’t trust anyone too easily

Scammers don’t fit a specific bill. Scammers can be any age, race, religion imaginably and they will often pick victims that share similar characteristics to them. There’s been instances were scammers have offered victims advice, added them on social media and taken them for coffee to seem more legitimate. Be friendly but cautious. Research and test every claim made.

  • Follow the golden rules

Follow the golden rules of safety. Always view and test items before purchase. Take a friend with you when viewing items. And if something doesn’t feel right – don’t proceed.

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