Does the size of your drone really matter?

Material is king, as many production professionals will tell you, and the key to that is being able to develop content that stands out from the crowd. A drone has become a popular piece of equipment for doing precisely that, and most models come equipped with a built-in high-resolution camera that makes it excellent for capturing photograph and video material.

With it being remote-operated, it allows the user to make aerial shots much simpler, fly into areas that would have been inaccessible by foot and establish professional opening shots. The price of a drone all depends on what you intend to use if for because there are some that cost less than R500 (for beginners), while professional and enterprise drones can go for anything between R48 000 and R150 000 each. In addition, there are also add-ons and kits available that include extra batteries, a case and extra propellers.

You cannot fly your drone anywhere and requires you to obtain (special) permission from the people/organisation involved. If you want to use your drone for business purposes, you’ll need to get an accredited RPL (Remote Pilot License). Injury to bystanders or damage to property are some of the risks to take into account.

If you’re brand-new to the drone experience, it is best to get familiar with controls (in an area like an open field, for example). With that being said, factors like adverse weather conditions and physical objects (power lines) can play a part in how well you operate.

Drones come in various shapes and sizes and Gumtree explains what you should about large and small drones:


In terms of mobility, they offer exactly the opposite of their smaller counterparts because the bigger frame requires it to be stored in a larger container or case. Where it takes up space, it makes up for it in image quality. Most top-end drones feature a 4K camera, larger hot-swappable batteries (to fly longer), stability control and precision mapping. The amount of propeller’s are also increased to compensate for the extra weight it has to haul.


These ones are specifically for those that want to get a feel for flying and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. Because of its size, it is very light which makes it portable to carry wherever you go. In addition, the quad propellers aren’t harmful to those that might accidentally have their hand near it. With it being compact and small, most entry-level offerings come with a small battery so flying time will be very limited before it has to be charged again.

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