Does the Colour of Your Car Affect Your Insurance Premium?

If you’re on the market for a great second hand car, now is the perfect time to shop around for a good deal.

“With declined new vehicle sales likely to be caused by the constrained economic environment in recent weeks, and the supply of new vehicles likely to be slowed, the South African pre-owned vehicle market is expected to pick up over the coming months. But be aware that the colour of the car you choose, can affect your insurance premiums” says Nunben Dixon, head of Gumtree Automotive. 

The main reasons why the colour of your car can impact your premiums, pertain to visibility and paint costs (should you be in an accident and require paint work). 

“A darker shade car is less visible, so that certainly is a factor insurers look at. However, when we look at colour, we are also assessing the costs of replacement of paint work. If someone has an irregular tone or colour of car, that can make paint work more pricey should damage occur” says Anneli Retief, Head of Dialdirect Insurance. 

“In addition to colour, other factors that are taken into account include the make and model of your motor vehicle, where you live, where your vehicle is kept at night, who the driver of the vehicle is, what purpose your vehicle is used for and your previous claims history” added Retief. 

An important consideration is the fact that some cars are more susceptible to theft than others. “For example, a very common model on the roads is easy to obtain parts for, so it is likely to be a greater target for theft” Retief adds.

“So when you’re next shopping for a great second hand car on Gumtree, consider the colour of your car wisely, as this can help you save on premiums down the road” Dixon added.


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