DIY – 5 Ways to Fix Up a Shabby Chair

Fix Up Shabby Old Chairs

Of all the furniture in a house, the chairs often are the pieces that engender the greatest feelings of comfort and home. Sometimes, however, some of the things that make a chair so comfy and homey get worn down and need a little sprucing up to fit in with your home decor. Just like their human counterparts, sometimes chairs need a little make-over to refresh them – or even give them a whole new look. Here are a few ways to make sure your chairs keep you comfortable for years to come.

Prepare Your Gear

If you decide to do it yourself, you will want to get all the tools, materials, and plans that you need before you begin. Preparing a checklist of all the items required to revamp your chair can help ensure that you don’t forget anything. In addition to preparing all the necessary materials and tools, remember to set aside newspapers or old rags and clothes to protect your floor from potential scratches, glues, and spills of stains and colourful paints.

Repaint Your Old Chair

Repainting an old chair is one of the simplest ways to get a new chair for low cost. Paint stripper or fine grade sandpaper can be used to remove old paint before applying new colours. Masking tape can be used to cover and protect certain areas that you do not wish to paint. You can also use masking tape, stencils, and cut-outs to create creative patterns for painting. Colourful and vibrant patterns are a great way to give old furniture a new feel. After you apply the paint or stain, apply thin layer of sealant, wax, or lacquer to protect your new chair.

Dress Your Chair with Textiles and Fabrics

If you want to repair torn fabric or just give an old chair a new look, you can remove the old cover and replace it with one or more new fabrics. Fabrics and textiles are readily available and easy to find online. The fabric needs to be stapled to the bottom of the cushion, so remember to get a heavy-duty stapler ahead of time. Alternate the staples between one side and the opposite to prevent wrinkles in the fabric.

Re-upholster Your Chair

Revamping an old chair is the perfect time to adjust its condition, because you have the freedom to remake it any way you want. You might add more high-density foam to make your chair more comfortable, add more springs if you like a more bouncy seat, make the arms more or less cushiony, add a sewn-on pillow, or do any number of other adjustments. Once you have decided on the new structure, you can wrap it in a new fabric to give yourself a completely new chair.

Transform Your Chair into Something Else

Sometimes we discard a broken chair too soon, assuming the break has doomed it to the junk pile. However, for a DIY project, with a bit of cutting here and there, sometimes you can turn that old chair into a completely different piece of furniture. By removing the chair’s back, then fixing the cushion or adding a hardwood top, you can transform your chair into a new picnic or dining stool. With bigger chairs, you remove the back and put on new fabric to create an ottoman, or put on a hardwood top for small occasional or coffee table.

Sell Your Chair and Get a New One

If you really want a totally different chair, your best options may be to sell your old ones and replace them with new ones. You can always find tons of cool-looking chairs to give your area new pizzazz. To get the most for you old chairs, it is best if you can fix them up a bit before selling them to increase their value. With a little colour, touch-up, or repair, your chair will have new life and can be sold for a higher price.

Getting a new chair does not have to be expensive. With a little creativity and some simple reupholstering or re-texturing, you can have totally fresh new furniture.

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