DIY Car Maintenance- Check Tyre Pressure

A Vintage Blue Car needs tyre changes too

Checking your tyre pressure is a quick and easy process that has many long term benefits. Your fuel economy will be better, and you tyres will last much longer! You’ll also be safer on the road. Although it may seem like a task suited for professionals, anyone can check their tyre pressure if you know how to do it. You’ll save time and money, which can go towards times you really do need to see a mechanic. You can also check out our infographic on checking your tyre pressure here, as well as How to Check Your Car Battery, How to Buy Used Cars, and How to Check Engine Oil!

Step 1:

Check the proper PSI (Pounds per square inch) that your car tyres should be inflated to. This can usually be found on the tyre information placard inside your driver’s side door jam.

Step 2:

Check your current tyre inflation levels. This can be easily achieved by using a tyre inflation gauge. Note the PSI. If your tyre’s inflation level does not match the recommended inflation level you found on your tyre information placard, it’s time to adjust your tyre pressure to the proper level.

Step 3:

Remove the cap from the tyre’s valve stem. Keep this cap carefully near you, you’ll need to put it back on again soon.

Step 4:

Press the tyre pump’s hose to the valve, and inflate to the proper PSI. If you over inflate, relax. Simply push down on the pin in the center of the valve stem and the air will release from the tyre. Be sure to check the tyre pressure with a tyre pressure gauge every few seconds, to ensure you don’t underinflate the tyre.

Step 5:

Replace the cap, and you’re done!

Step 6:

Check your tyre pressure once a week for a long term comfortable driving experience.


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