Dishwasher Versus Handwashing: What Is Right For You?

Most often, homes with two or more adults have different preferences when it comes to washing the dishes – one may prefer handwashing, while the other likes the convenience of a dishwasher. But is there an environmentally friendly way to do it? 

Dishwasher versus handwashing – have you considered which one is greener? 


Gumtree helps you understand.


  1. Water wastage: According to reports, handwashing can lead to water wastage of over 75 litres, which is highly unsustainable in a country like South Africa that has undergone serious water shortages in the past. However, this can be avoided with energy-efficient dishwashers that use less water and energy to do the same job.
  2. Hygiene: A dishwasher combines several cleaning processes including the use of strong detergents, steam drying and zero touch with hot wash, resulting in sanitised dishes. Handwashing, however, can leave dishes with a thin film of grease if not washed properly, especially as there is a limitation to how hot the water can be without burning the skin. But a dishwasher uses water of up to 70 degrees, killing 99.99% of germs.
  1. Less time: On an average, handwashing a load of dishes for a family of 4 can take 30 to 45 minutes. With the lockdown and work from home environments, our lives are riddled with conference calls and deadlines. Therefore, it is difficult to invest a lot of time to washing the dishes. Using an energy-efficient dishwasher can be the answer as it reduces washing time to 15 minutes, from loading to unloading.
  2. Damages: Features such as placeholders in a dishwasher ensure the safety of your glassware and crockery, without the fear of damage or scratches. However, handwashing can lead to breakages, especially when done in a hurry.


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