Didn’t Get the Promotion? It May Not be Your Fault!

Unfortunately, promotions are not only given when there is an employee who works very hard at their job and excels at it. It also requires a person in management to advocate for said employee.

Often when we do not get the promotion we’ve been working so hard for, or that we really thought we would get, the first person we blame is ourselves. But because promotions require more than just your hard work, not getting it may not be your fault.

Here are 5 signs that your manager may be to blame.

  1. They don’t offer you any new opportunities. In order to get a promotion, you need to go above and beyond and take advantage of every opportunity to advance your career. However, you cannot take advantage of opportunities you know nothing about. Your manager should not only be passing along those opportunities, but helping you achieve them, too.
  2. You’re never included in important conversations. Whether you’re invited to the meetings in person or not, your manager should relay all important information to you, as it relates to your job and your advancement goals. This is if they are really wanting you to succeed, that is. It is a big red flag if they are leaving you out.
  3. They don’t help challenge you. A manager that cares about your success should not be passing along work that you have zero capacity to handle, or do not have the tools to handle, but should rather be challenging you to work with other teams within the business, develop new projects, and learn new skills.
  4. They don’t seem to care about your goals. If your managers do not know your career goals, and show no interest in finding out, how will they help you achieve them? It is ultimately your responsibility to let them know what your career goals are, but if you can see that they do nothing with that information, and don’t take any action to assist and guide you, the promotion may be out of reach.

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