Did you know? You got a free special gift when you bought this particular Honda SUV back in the 90s

Other than paying for the actual car, it’s not everyday that automakers give you something ‘for free’ when buying from them. Maybe you’ll get a branded cap or jacket to go with a specific model, but that’s about it, really. The hydraulic jack and wheel tightening/loosening utensils don’t count as it’s a requirement with every vehicle.

Back in the mid-90s, Honda offered buyers of their CR-V SUV a hidden gift – one they didn’t know anything about unless they were told about it. The original Honda CR-V SUV is over 20 years old, since the first-generation model debuted globally in 1995. The current (fourth-generation) model is priced from R573 900 in South Africa – picnic table not included.

The automaker knew that the model would primarily be used for transporting larger families and going on road trips, and what’s the one thing that always comes in handy when on the road? A picnic table. Honda included a nifty folding table with its first (1996-2001) and second (2001-2006) generation CR-V models globally – though it must be said that still finding one intact and in its original place, is few and far between.

The plastic table itself was stowed in the rear floor area and is very basic with a steel frame underneath also serving as the standing support. If you’re finnicky about the details and the table is missing from your CR-V, there are people selling them separately online for roughly R2 500 – depending on the condition and urgency of the seller.

Automakers also offer optional extras which are accessories for the vehicle to enhance its aesthetic, drivability or overall performance.

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