Decorating with vintage cameras

Vintage camera motifs are popping up on fabric, cushions, prints and designs, adding an air of nostalgia and warmth to a room. Because vintage cameras can be picked up fairly cheaply online, they make for great displays alongside your favourite family photographs.

“The varieties from the 1980s that had large lenses sell for about R100-R250, as do the slimmer models with the disposable flash bulbs from the seventies,” says Claire Cobbledick, Head of Gumtree online. “Some are sold in working condition but most are voetstoots and used as great ornaments.”

Cobbledick says the cameras are extremely popular with interior decorators that make use of the site. “Cameras evoke a sense of permanence and memory in an era where everything is digital. Coupled with old family snaps, they can create lovely displays that pay tribute to a lost art.”

Cine cameras with multiple lenses and attractive box frames also make great display items.

“Whether you pop them on a shelf next to framed photographs or mount them on the wall, they draw the eye and create a sense of whimsy and playfulness to the room,” says Cobbledick.

To create a wall display like the one in the image, all you will need is:

There is no drilling involved – simply attach the strips to the camera/frame and the wall and let them rest for 30 minutes before sticking them together. (When you want to remove the item, slowly pull the tab down the wall until the entire strip comes loose. The strips do not leave any sticky residue and can hold a fair amount of weight).

Alternatively, you can display your favourite camera in a cloche or on a cake stand.

“The key to creating a feature in your home is to use items that are personal to you. Whether you are using a family heirloom or an antique you found online, it has to be an item that you like.”

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