Daddy cool – Nothing says I Love You more than these awesome Father’s Day gifts

Father’s Day is fast approaching – the scratching of heads will once again start, and the muttering of “what do I get him” will begin to get louder as the day (19 June) draws closer. When time is tight, coffee mugs, socks, and a wallet usually become the go-to choices, and even though Pop affirms he doesn’t want anything, a present is always lovely to receive.

You can (literally) put your money on the fact that plenty of places will be advertising specials and discounts on Father’s Day gifts. As the daughter/son, this is where you come in because it is up to you to know what your dad likes. Is he one with Mother Nature where camping would be ideal, or is he more hands-on, and a drill would make a good addition?

Dads can often be very stubborn. For example, they believe that certain things made in the year 2000 – even though they might appear worse for wear to everyone else – is perfectly fine and doesn’t need replacing. They can also be very ‘old school’ in their way of doing things and, not to mention, coming up with the infamous dad jokes at the most random of times.

If we take a look back at all the naughty things we did when we were kids, like messing food on his favourite shirt or writing on his car with dirt, dads had every right to be mad at us (they were probably fuming) but at the end of the day, always reassured us that everything is fine. Despite what we did, they love us dearly.

The clock is ticking! Gumtree has put together a list of ideal Father’s Day gifts that will certainly fit the bill (and the pocket):

A man crate – There are places that cater for it but dads will appreciate a crate or container with a bunch of goodies inside like biltong, something sweet and even a bottle of the stronger stuff.

A place he’s never visited – Dad’s often don’t get out of the house much, between work, going to the shops and the occasional meeting with friends. Maybe he has been wanting to attend an event but the time maybe never allowed for it. What better way than to surprise him with tickets.

(Winter) clothing – The nights and mornings are becoming colder and warmer pieces of clothing will be on the agenda. Maybe he is in need of some warm slippers, pajamas or a jacket. The best way to do it is to either ask mom for his exact size or load cash on a coupon and he can shop for himself.

Fill the tank and clean the car – Even though petrol might be at an all time high, filling the tank will present a heartfelt gesture. Cars are always in need of a clean and having it washed is a nice sentiment to say thank you for being you.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to shop! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android) and don’t forget to use your location settings to find local service information close to home.

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