Cycling with Bike Market

Every now and then we like to get in touch with some of our loyal Gumtree sellers to get to know them a little bit better.

This time round we called up the guys from Bike Market, a popular cycling shop in Joburg that offers many cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to find their dream bike for less.

We asked Alex Bramley of Bike Market a few questions to find out more about the business, the passion that so actively drives our cycling community, and the selling principles they adhere to. See his answers below:

What inspired you to open Bike Market?

 Alex says they understand how hard it is to start cycling. “Bikes are expensive and it’s difficult to choose the right bike for you with all the data out there pertaining to bike specs. We started Bike Market with the aim to reduce the barriers and simplify the choice for cyclists with expert advice and quality after-sales service.”

“The Bike Market came to life in my garage where we took to helping people sell bikes at the right price. As time progressed, we opened a shop in Melville and, with the help of Gumtree, we now buy bikes outright and sell them. It’s safe, quick and easy. We also offer a trade-in facility which makes changing bikes more affordable,” says Alex.

 Why is cycling so popular?

Alex believes it’s the adventure and instant gratification that makes cycling so appealing. “It’s fast, adrenaline-filled, and allows individuals to push new limits. It also takes you on a journey of self-discovery that becomes addictive. He adds that cycling is a leveler. “Whether you’re a CEO or a newbie, when you’re on a bicycle with a helmet, you’re all there to enjoy the same thing. It’s also a great place to network.”

What do you love most about cycling?

“I love the excitement, the freedom, and the expression that competitive downhill mountain biking has given me.  Each rider has a slightly different technique but everyone is fast. How we achieve the speed is what makes it expressive. Some guys are aggressive and wild in style, while others are super smooth and composed,” says Alex.

What are the current cycling trends?

“Multi-day stage races are a big trend right now – there are over 50 different multi-day events in SA throughout the year. ABSA Cape Epic and Sani2C (Sani KZN to the sea) are best known. The epic is the biggest mountain bike race worldwide. It is 8 days long and extremely difficult, (Iron Man difficult). Sani2c more fun and far less arduous. The riding is more trail based with flowing descents on purpose-built single track trails.

Do you have any seller tips that you could share?  

Don’t let the bike go before the money is in!