Create Storage in Your Kitchen for < R,1000

If you are longing for more space in your kitchen, these tips can help you use wasted space and create clever, affordable storage solutions.

Firstly, de-clutter your surfaces. Clean lines create the illusion of space as does a neutral colour scheme.

Cork or peg boards (aka notice boards) transform an empty wall into handy storage. Use the board to hang your measuring cups, dish towels, or wooden spoons within reach. Alternatively, hang pots and pans from the ceiling above your cooking area.

The inside of cupboard doors fitted with a few coat hooks provides handy storage for kitchen gloves, cooking utensils, or dusters. Likewise, a wire basket rack on rails can change the space under the sink into a useful storage nook for sponges and other cleaning items, while ensuring ease of access.

Knives fit snugly inside a countertop bottle or tin. If that feels too cluttered for you, use a simple magnetic strip along the wall or outside of a cupboard – safely out of reach of little hands, of course.

Shelves against empty walls provide easy access to glassware and crockery, and they can make a handy display feature for a vase of flowers, a favourite family photo, or recipe books. Store the items that you hardly ever use on a shelf close to the ceiling; this looks attractive and is conveniently out of the way. Similarly, kitchen islands with built-in shelves and cabinets round the base can add unobtrusive storage to a compact space.

Add wire rods to your cutting board, baking sheet, and tray cupboard to keep the items conveniently stored in minimal space. The area underneath your top cabinets can be used to hang mugs or utensils, using cup hooks that screw into the wood. Similarly, unused space under shelves can be used for hanging stemware racks that display and keep your wine glasses out of harm’s way.

Careful design can change a cluttered drawer into the home organiser’s dream – diagonal dividers give more space for larger utensils as opposed to the traditional horizontal dividers. A drawer that wraps around the sink (think U-shaped drawer that goes around your oval sink) can utilise otherwise wasted space to store cleaning paraphernalia such as brushes, sponges, and plugs.

Once you’ve arranged everything efficiently, you will probably find that your time in the kitchen is more enjoyable. In addition, inspiration to cook dinner may come easier if you don’t have to hunt for every item you need.

Many shelves, cabinet doors, and modular units are available on Gumtree. A simple search will reveal wonderful treasures to spruce up your kitchen in no time. Love revamping small spaces? Check out how to make the most of the space in your bathroom!



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  • Hi my I wish to paint my kitchen. It is made of superwood and it looks very old and untidy. I don’t want to spent a fortune in redoing my kitchen. My kids like cooking but the kitchen is depressing. Can you pls assist.

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