Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Favourite Gumtree Picks

We trolled Gumtree again. These were the best deals we found

Brown Leather Jacket

Brown leather jackets go with everything! But they’re also not the cheapest. This is a steal at R250!

cosmo jacket

Statement Ts

These fab statement Ts add instant glam to your usual jeans and t-shit combo. And their only R140!

Statement t

Go Get em:

Phillips Steamer

The easiest way to eat as healthily as possible? Steam it! Steaming proteins and vegetables keeps your food free from any excess oil and fat, plus it retains flavour like nothing else. This Philips steamer is brand spanking new, in its box, and selling for less than half the price.


Audi TT

Buying second-hand is the ideal answer for wanting the car of your dreams without the price of your nightmares. This gorgeous Audi TT is just a fraction of the cost of a new one, but it’s still in flawless condition. You’ll definitely be turning heads wherever you go.



 Original Adidas originals

Get on the sports-luxe trend and try out these brand new Adidas Originals. They’re the perfect comfy but stylish shoe.


*Disclaimer: These deals are great but remember this is the Internet so be careful. Don’t meet strangers by yourself and make sure to double-check your sources.

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