Cosmo’s Top Gumtree Picks

Low on cash but in the mood for some spoils? We’ve got a treat for you. We found the 5 best steals on Gumtree.

1. Vintage Magazines (1940’s – 1960’s) 
There’s something so cool and kitschy about antique decor. These vintage Vogue magazines from the ‘60s will give any bookshelf or coffee table a new sense of sophistication. 

vintage magazines


2. Selena Denim Shorts
These never before worn jorts (that’s COSMO office slang for Jean Shorts) are a steal at just R250. 


3. Free Access To Kirstenbosch Gardens
Kistenbosch gardens is celebrating its 101th birthday and on the 1st of July, you’ll have free access to the garden. Go out for that picnic you’ve been dreaming about or just take in the sights with a little hike! Go to Gumtree.


4. Guess Watch 
A Guess watch from a jeweller retails for at least a grand – these watches are an absolute steal (and they have their authenticity certificates to boot). Here’s the Gumtree link.

Guess watch


5. Vintage Fashion Expo
Go pop some tags with just a little money in yo’ pocket! #ThriftShopHeaven.

photo 1

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