Cosmo Party Planning Excitement

I’m celebrating the big 3-0 this weekend, and I’m keen to have a (budget-friendly) retro-themed party at my flat. So, instead of wasting time hunting for party props and traipsing from shop to shop, I decided to have a squiz on Gumtree. I was blown away by how many amazing deals I found!

1. Chocolate fountain

When I spotted this, I HAD to have it… An endless supply of mouthwateringly delicious melted chocolate – yes please!! And it’s only R350 to hire for the night – dessert ticked off!

cosmo 1


2. Jukebox

I’m known for my love of old-school music – The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Cliff Richards and (horror of horrors) even Abba  – so this jukebox is the perfect accessory to celebrate a retro party (and at a bargain price of 1 400 to hire). There are 22 0000 songs to choose from AND you can use your own playlists – let the festivities begin!

cosmo 2

  1. Disco ball

No retro party is complete without a disco ball!

cosmo 3

4. Popcorn machine

The perfect party snack – convenient and cheap, with an ‘old-school’ feel to it – and it ONLY costs R300 to hire for an entire day.

cosmo 4

5. Photo cutout board

Throwback to the ‘50s! I had to get my hands on this Grease-inspired photo cutout board – rock ’n’ roll gold!

cosmo 5


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