Complete this DIY Home Inspection Before Buying

Gumtree has tens of thousands of amazing properties for sale, ready for their new owners. So, we get it, it can be hard to see the perfect space and not get too excited. The important thing to remember though, is that appearances are not always what they seem.


Our top recommendation is to do a full home inspection. And because we understand not everyone wants to fork out the cash (or can afford to) for a professional to come in and do one, we’ve put together a DIY home inspection checklist for prospective home buyers to complete before sealing the deal.


  1. Check that all windows open and close properly and easily. Take note of any broken panes, or windows that are made from different materials to others.
  2. Check that all doors open and close properly, and with ease. Do they stick, scrape the floor, or lock?
  3. Check all floors for any creaking or unevenness.
  4. Check all walls for any cracks.
  5. Are there any missing pieces of baseboard trim, or damage?
  6. Check that all light switches work.
  7. Are the stairway railings sturdy?
  8. Do the stairs creak?
  9. Get a voltage tester for electrical outlet inspection.
  10. Check the installation date of the geyser. Take note of any water around the base or any signs of damage.
  11. Open and close every cabinet in the kitchen to ensure they are all secure and open/close properly.
  12. Turn on each stove-top burner to ensure they all work as they should.
  13. Run water from every faucet in the home and take note of any they have continuous dripping. Does the hot water come out? Does the water drain properly?
  14. Check for any chips and cracks in the countertops.
  15. Check for any chips and cracks if there is any tile flooring.
  16. Flush all toilets.
  17. Are all toilets secured solidly to the floor, or do any of them rock when you sit on them?
  18. Are there any cracks in the bathtubs?
  19. Does the carpeting have any stains, wear spots, or other noticeable damage? Are there any deep scratches in the wood flooring?
  20. Is there any smoke, must, or pet odour throughout the home?
  21. Are there any broken or missing roofing shingles?
  22. Are all pathways and driveways safe and even?
  23. Does the garage door open and close easily?
  24. If there are AC units present, do they all work?


Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to buy your new home! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android).

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