Cleaning out your closet this festive season

December is universally known as the period when homes receive a brand-new lease on life in preparation for the upcoming holiday season. Walls tend to get a fresh lick of paint and the garden is trimmed to perfection, but there is one section that is often left for last and sometimes even completely overlooked.

Closets can get messy very quickly because, as that saying goes, one can never have too much items of clothing. Added to that, it often also serves as a general storage base for extra blankets and pillows. Just like homes, people’s appearances need to be refreshed ever so often and this makes buying new clothes an important part of most people’s budget.

Closet purging can prove to be a tough (and emotional) exercise because a decision has to be made as to which items can be donated or relegated to the rubbish heap to inevitably make room for new additions. Who knows – you might even find that jazzy top you thought you lost ten years ago amongst the plethora of fabric.

Summer cleanout

Summer is right around the corner and this means that those thick boots and jackets that comforted you during winter will go into closet hibernation for the next three months. This also gives you a great opportunity to assess whether or not you’re in need of some fresh summer apparel.

People buy clothes for a variety of reasons, because:

  • Their current threads are out of date or damaged.
  • They’ve picked up a bit of weight and some items cannot fit comfortably anymore.
  • A shop might have a clearance or Black Friday sale.
  • Of an important event coming up.

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