Gumtree Christmas Gift Ideas

We recently did a poll among our users asking the question, Would you mind if you found something under the tree that has been “previously owned”?

51% of Gumtreers said that they didn’t mind whether a gift was bought second hand, while 17% said it was not acceptable and gifts should be bought new. The remaining 32% said that it “depended” on what the gift was, with several saying they wouldn’t mind pricey second hand items like laptops or cell phones. 11% added that they believed “it’s the thought that counts”.

“I was quite surprised by the reaction, but the majority of participants said that they are just pleased to receive a gift,” says Claire Cobbledick, Head of Marketing for Gumtree. “Others like to use Gumtree for gifting because second hand equates unique – you find rare items and collectables that you can’t just pull off a retail shelf. I also believe that a bargain item isn’t necessarily second hand – many items found on the site are brand new.”
Second hand toys are also a great way of stressing the importance of being good stewards of the environment in your children, without spoiling the fun. Most thrift stores and charities will tell you that they are inundated with used toys, many of them barely played with. “It seems a shame to keep producing and buying new toys considering that there are mountains to be had.”

Cobbledick says that shoppers should take the time to browse. “Once you see what’s out there, you can decide what’s appropriate,” she advises. “For example, any book worm will appreciate a giant box of second hand books to devour over the holidays – and it usually costs the same as a single best seller on the retail shelf. You might also find a vintage surf board or guitar for an enthusiast, or an entry-level telescope for a budding astronomer. It’s about being creative rather than spending a lot of money. Why spend a lot of money on imitation pewter Victorian candlesticks from a store when you can buy the real deal second hand?”

10% of pollers said that had previously used Gumtree to shop for loved ones and 40% said they will be using it this year…so don’t be surprised to find something under the tree from the site.

Here are our top picks for gifts you can find on Gumtree:

Antiques: Vintage Christmas decorations, accessories or tools make for a thoughtful gift for the enthusiast.

Fashion accessories: You CAN afford Gucci. Visit our Fashion section for great handbags, jackets, gowns, and sunglasses.

Watches: Who doesn’t love a new watch? Browse through our jewelry section to pick one up for a steal!

Camping gear: What do you give the adventurer in your life? Camping chairs, tents, cookware and accessories make a great gift for someone who loves the great outdoors.

Gadgetry: Who doesn’t love a tablet or a new laptop? Have a look!

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