Car Won’t Start? This Could be Why

No one wants the stress of attempting to start a vehicle only to find that the engine turns over, or worse, nothing happens at all. Fortunately, there are a few common culprits, so let’s try to figure out what it could be, shall we?


You turn the key and the car does absolutely nothing.


  • First, check the battery. Did you leave any interior lights on for too long that could have drained it? Are all the battery cables connected properly? Are the battery cables corroded?
  • If the battery seems fine, you are most likely looking at either a faulty starter motor, a loose starter system wire, a failed relay, or a faulty ignition switch.
  • It could also be something as simple as a blown fuse.


Your engine turns, but the vehicle never starts.


  • In order for an engine to work, you need three things: air, petrol, and a spark.
  • Are you sure you have enough petrol in the tank?
  • Is your battery definitely holding a charge?
  • If you have a faulty fuel gauge and it is showing you do indeed have fuel, it may be a mistake. Add more fuel and give the key another turn.
  • If it is none of the above, check under the front bonnet for cracked or burned plastic pieces near the coil packs, spark plug wires, and ignition coil.


The engine won’t start when the weather is exceptionally warm.


  • First, check for a dirty or clogged air filter.
  • Then, check the condition of the negative battery terminal. Look for signs of corrosion.
  • If none of the above, you are most likely looking at a problem with the fuel pump or fuel regulator.


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