Car Date Night Ideas

Something you may not know about the folk behind Gumtree South Africa: we’re not just experts in second-hand buying and selling, we’re relationship experts!

Jokes aside, with so many collective years of relationship experience, we might know a thing or two about keeping the spark alive. News flash: quality time is the answer!

Surprising, we know.

So, you’ve been around the Gumtree Autos block a few times and found the car of your dreams at a stellar price – what now?

We’ve put together a list of fun date night ideas so you can enjoy both your new ride AND your new bae.

  1. A romantic picnic

Who needs a fancy restaurant with a hefty R1000 bill to impress? Pop over to your local Woolies, grab a few of your favourite bits & bites and drive off at a nearby park (perhaps Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens if you are a Capetonian!) and enjoy a picnic.

  • An evening with the stars

It sounds like we are recommending an A-list star-studded affair, but alas, we are not. If you are one of the lucky ones to live in a city not filled with smog, then heading out for an evening of stargazing is a super cute (and super cheap!) date night idea. Lay a blanket on the roof of your ride for a comfy spot to cuddle up.

  • A joyride

Do you like living on the wild side and making impulsive decisions? Channel that energy into something a little less dangerous with a spontaneous joyride along the coast or through your favourite neighbourhood filled with way-too-expensive homes you like to dream about owning one day. All you need is a full tank of petrol and a long playlist of your favourite tunes!

  • A sunset drive

City life is fun and exciting, but sometimes it feels oh-so-refreshing to head out and take a drive along the seaside, especially while the magnificent African sun begins to set. Find a good spot to stop and bask in all the orange glow glory with the one you love.

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