Can you become an accountant without matric?

The short and swift answer to that is yes.

Normally, in order to study at any tertiary institution, it is a nailed on requirement to have completed high school and issued a national senior certificate.

Most companies require either a completed diploma or degree for a job application to even be considered at all. Like studying to become a lawyer or doctor, accountancy falls in line with such sought after careers but perhaps surprisingly, the career does not require the person to have finished high school.

There are a number of institutions and corresponding courses on offer in South Africa that allow individuals to branch into tertiary learning without having a completed senior certificate. One of the greatest things about financial orientated careers is that companies are always on the lookout for them which makes the job market much fruitful than most. With a skill qualification like accounting, the chances are much higher to be successful in the job market.

Bookkeeping is another sector of finance that can be pursued without the completion of matric. Many people have the misconception that not having matric is the end of the world where menial jobs is all that will be available. The truth is that things have changed so much over the decades that further education is a possibility for those serious about improving themselves.

The possibility also exists to start one’s own financial accounting firm, instead of working for an already established company. Over the years, guardians and parents have made it imperative for kids to finish school in order to stand a better chance of being successful later in life. Everyone’s circumstances are different from one person to the next and with the wide range of FET certificates and ICB courses on offer, gives once downtrodden young people a chance to realise their dreams.

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