Buying your own Aircraft

You’ve taken lessons and gotten your license – and you’re dreaming of owning a small aircraft of your own.

Determine Your Budget

Like with a car, the aircraft itself is only a part of the cost. There are hanger fees, accessories, insurance and more to consider. Make sure to factor in all the extras over time.

Determine Your Usage

Are you a hobbyist or planning to use your plane for regular business travel? Everyone wants a fancy GPS and tech, but you might not see the benefit if you are an occasional, short-distance flyer. If you regularly travel you might want something more complex for more cargo/passengers.

Test drive!

If you can, always undertake a test flight with a qualified mechanic or maintenance tech. Make sure to do the preflight inspection yourself to spot any red flags that may exist.

Get insure

Insurance is usually based on pilot qualifications and the type of plane. To get an accurate quote, let your insurer know ahead of time which plane you are considering.

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