Buying for baby on a budget

Baby boutiques and their extensive product ranges can be extremely attractive for any new mom – but the reality is that nursery furniture and baby clothing gets outgrown very quickly. Used goods and home businesses can provide an attractive and cost effective alternative, but is it safe to buy secondhand items for your baby?

Buying new items for your baby is often like shopping for a wedding – it’s exciting, but ultimately not very practical or eco-friendly in the long run. Buying secondhand can knock 50% off the retail price, and in most cases, the items found on online classifieds are in pristine condition. Most parents know that their kids’ clothing and furniture will barely be used before they’ve outgrown it, which means that there is a great market of items that’s taking up space in someone else’s house and ready for a second life.

But there is a definite list of do’s and don’ts parents should take into consideration when buying secondhand items. Buying gently used clothing is fine, but avoid anything with zips, hoods, or drawstrings that could lose their elasticity quickly or start to unravel. Anything that gets really grubby – like diaper bags – should rather be purchased new. But baby shoes are usually hardly worn before they are discarded, which makes it a great secondhand buy. When buying furniture secondhand, be sure to check the item for flaking paint or splinters that could cause injury.

Below is an infographic of those do’s and don’ts…happy shopping, moms and dads!

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