Buyer Motives Every B2B Sales Team Needs to Know

B2B businesses face a number of challenges, one being understanding why your customers make their final decision to purchase or subscribe to their product or service is one of them. Unfortunately, it is never as easy as a difference in price. Here are the top 10 motives for buyers when deciding to go with your B2B business over another.

  1. Fit. Simply put, which product or service will fit their needs best?
  2. FOMO, or fear of missing out. Sometimes, people simply don’t want to miss out on something, especially if there is a bunch of hype around it.
  3. Fear in general. Giving customers a sense of urgency to purchase may work in your favour.
  4. Well-being. If your product or service can in some way help customers provide health or mental health benefits to THEIR customers, you could be on to something.
  5. Excitement. You may be able to get some impulse buys by doing a really great job of creating hype and excitement around your product or service.
  6. Luxury. If your product or service can be considered as luxury compared to others, customers may purchase or subscribe simply because of their wants, not only their needs.
  7. ROI, or return on investment. We all want to make money in the end, and that is no different for potential customers. If your product or service can save or make them money, you’ve got a sale.
  8. Self-improvement. This is a hot topic, so many buyers are motivated by products and services that can help them work on self-improvement.
  9. Competency. Customers are highly motivated by businesses selling a product or service when they strongly believe in their competence to offer it.
  10. Credibility. If your product or service is well-known or has amazing reviews from those who have used it in the past, potential customers may be highly motivated to purchase, too.

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