Businesses: 3 Tech Trends To be Aware of This Year

Of course, there are large technological advancements every year. But let’s be honest: 2020 was not a normal year, by any means. So after surviving a year like that, do we think 2021 will be even more digitally different than usual? With struggle comes progress, right? For businesses especially, it will be important to be aware of these three trends as you navigate yet another year of the pandemic.

  1. ‘Digital Transformation’ will no longer be a confusing or grey area. Businesses always have the idea of digitally transforming how they do things, but so often this concept is simply something they aspire to but don’t really know how to actually make happen. After a year like 2020 where many businesses were forced to go completely digital in order to survive, this idea of digital transformation should no longer be a grey area if you too want to survive going forward. If you are not willing and able to move with the times, your business may be left in the dust.
  2. Creating marketing content will no longer only be done purely by the marketing team. When it comes to social media content, thought leadership articles, blog posts, radio adverts, and more, the marketing team used to be the only ones who cared. Other members of the business would focus their efforts on meetings, consultations, emails, or training sessions rather than creating content that could be useful to their customers. Again, with a year like 2020, we suspect we will now see all members of businesses going digital and creating content that will be useful to their customers from afar when they cannot necessarily meet in person. Think podcasts, video creation, intranet sites, and finance portals.
  3. Data privacy will become a concern for the masses. With almost every business going digital after last year, it is highly likely that we will see a data privacy revolution where suddenly those who didn’t think about it before, or those who didn’t NEED to think about it before, will now be very much concerned about the privacy of their personal and business information.

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