Building a career in banking

Careers in banking are perfect for those interested in finance and business. The career has wonderful prospects and perks including competitive salaries, job security, opportunities for advancement and comfortable working hours. Banks across the world are also willing to hire and train successful candidates who have a yearning to learn with smart analytical skills. Gumtree outlines the steps you need to take to kickstart your career in banking.

  1.     Pick a path: There are several avenues in the field of banking including retail banks and credit unions, investment firms to raise capital or other financial organisations.
  2.     Developing skills: Certain skills are encouraged in the banking sector. We recommend brushing up on your math, statistics and analytical skills. Soft skills such as customer care and sales can also help you advance.
  3.     Requirements: Depending on the qualifications, there are jobs for everyone in the banking sector. High school diploma holders can become bank tellers, while those with a college degree can apply to be personal bankers. However, for advancement and promotions, employees will need to build on their qualifications including getting advanced degrees or licenses.
  4.     The hiring process: If you are looking for an entry-level position, you can easily find open jobs on popular job sites. It is also recommended to approach those at credit unions and banks about available positions. For more advanced positions, however, you may need to use your extended network who are aware of unlisted job positions.
  5.     Moving up: If you are a personal banker, there is an option to enjoy this comfort for years to come or move up into a more management-level position.

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