How to Choose the Best Concert Clothing

Clothing for Concerts

Festivals and concerts, like the Cape Town Jazz Festival, are a great way to get out, let loose, and have a blast for a night, and in South Africa, they’re always the best. For some, looking fabulous at concerts and festivals is one of the fun parts of attending them. It’s also a great way to meet new people. Here are some tips for impressing members in the audience.

Fit the Theme

Dressing in manner fitting the event is essential. You want to be unique, but not so much that you might alienate yourself. Plus, wearing suitable attire makes you more comfortable. When deciding what to wear, you can take cues from the performing artists and the concert venue itself. Certain artists and venues have their own style. Wearing outfits befitting those concepts will mesh with the spirit of the event and add to your enjoyment of the concert.


It is easier to find tops or shirts that match your shoes rather than the opposite. The right footwear is one of the anchors for your outfit. You may want to avoid sandals or open toe flats even though they are comfortable. Concert arenas are generally crammed, and your feet may get stepped on during the show. Glamorous heels are excellent for theatrical concerts, but they are definitely not the best choice for pop concerts,where you might find yourself standing for hours. Boots are often a good option. They are comfortable and sophisticated, even when paired with simple attire such as jeans.

Bold Vs. Soft Styles

If you are going to a rock or hip-hop concert, bold outfits with stripes and prints complimented with dark colours are excellent. On the other hand, if you are going to a summer or country concerts (or even some pop concerts at times), softer colours are more suitable. Choose appropriate accessories like necklace, bracelet or hairband to enhance your fashion style for the event. For bold colours, gold/yellow and hot pink will be a great match.

Makeup and Hairdo

For women, makeup can be as important as outfits. One of the most important tips for makeup is not to overdo yourself. Match your makeup to the theme or spirit of the concert in the same way you match your attire to it. Light and simple makeup will look fabulous for pop and summer concerts in the same way that smoky eye shadow will rock a rock concert. Similar rules apply for your hair-do – don’t overdo it. Simple hairstyles are best for rock and hip-hop concerts. You do not want to have a complicated hairstyle that will just end up messy at the end of the concert. For theatrical or classical concerts, a simple bun will make be elegant. Simplicity is beauty.

Wear Your Favourites and Feel Good

Countless magazines and TV shows trumpet which fashions are the best for you. Yet, the true essence of fashion is to be you. Ultimately, having confidence in yourself will make you shine brighter than any clothes or makeup. Stay comfortable and you will look fabulous in whatever you wear.




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