Best Baby Books for Mental Development

If you have a little baby at home, your bookshelf is not complete without these book types recommended by Gumtree. Reading books to babies and infants helps in language development, the introduction of concepts and strengthening the bond between parents and child. Read on to find out more about which kinds of books are perfect for your baby:

  1.     Nursery rhymes: Babies have extremely short attention spans and nursery rhymes are a perfect match. Rhymes can be soothing for babies and colourful illustrations of classics can be helpful as you point to each part while reading.
  2.     Concept books: Babies that are 18 months or younger can only visualise high-contrast images as their vision is still developing. Concept books with one clear image on a page such as an animal or an alphabet can be excellent to introduce these elements to a baby.
  3.     Board books: Sturdy board books can be exciting for babies to hold, turn and even taste. This type of exploration is essential for young babies to learn more about the world and their surroundings.
  4.     Interactive books: Touch and feel books are a great sensory experience for babies. Babies and young children use all their senses while exploring and interactive books, especially those with touch and sound, can be helpful in their development. As your baby grows, you can also introduce books with flaps that teach them about cause and effect and encourage further exploration.
  5.     Question and answer books: Books that have repetitive questions such as ‘Where is baby hiding’ or ‘Where is the brown bear going’ can help in building your baby’s language skills as they anticipate the questions and know the answers after a few reads.

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