Benefits of Playing the Piano

Whether you’re a wannabe hobbyist or a seasoned professional pianist, you may be surprised to hear that playing the piano is good for far more than making beautiful music. Here are 5 amazing benefits of playing the piano:

  1. Helps you learn new languages. Studies have shown a strong correlation between those who play the piano and the quick ability to learn new languages. How is this, you ask? When you learn to play the piano, you are learning to pick up patterns; similarly, this is how we learn new languages. If you master the piano, you may find learning a new language to be much simpler than before.
  2. Strengthens positive qualities. People who play the piano have strong determination, structure, poise, and discipline. Learning to play the piano takes immense time as you learn to read the music, build strength and dexterity in your fingers, and practice.
  3. Reduces stress. Yes, learning to play a new instrument can be time consuming and stressful if you are not catching on as quickly as you had hoped, but once you get the hang of it, playing the piano is known to significantly reduce stress.
  4. Improves cognitive thinking. While playing the piano, your brain is stimulated by connecting neurological pathways.
  5. Enhances coordination. Because you use both hands at the same time to play different keys, learning to play the piano significantly enhances hand, eye, and mind coordination.

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