Benefits of Judo For Children

Judo, literally translated to ‘gentle way’, was founded by Dr. Jigoro Kano in 1882. It focuses on flexibility and technique, while greatly enhancing strength and balance. Learning and practising judo can have several mental and physical benefits, especially for children. 

Read on to understand the various advantages outlined by Gumtree.

  1. Physical health: Learning judo early in children can help build muscle and improve their cardiovascular health, thus preventing obesity and heart disease. It is also an excellent activity to reduce cholesterol.
  1. Mental health: The basis of judo is to respect oneself, your opponents, and the master/teacher. This foundation of mutual respect can build confidence and help nurture them into mentally strong and trustworthy adults.
  1. Limiting aggression: As is the case with other martial arts, judo helps expend the boundless energy that most children possess through a non-violent activity. Judo learners from across the globe have compared the discipline in judo to the discipline in the army. Thus, judo students are calmer, less aggressive and do not participate in bullying as the sport encourages respect.
  1. Increased concentration: Listening to specific instructions from masters as well as trying to learn the intricacies of the various techniques helps enhance concentration in children. Thus, children diagnosed with hyperactivity or attention deficit disorders are able to focus more in this disciplined environment.
  1. Self-defense: Judo can prepare children for unexpected situations with the ability to protect themselves and those around them. The readiness that comes with the practice of judo can help develop a child’s situational awareness, giving them the confidence to take on any hurdles or risks.

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