Benefits Of Installing Garden Lights

A well-lit garden or yard can create the right ambience to entertain friends and family in your outdoor space. It adds a warm charm with additional safety features, which is always a plus! 

Gumtree explains why you need the right garden lighting to highlight your home today!

  1. The most important reason to install garden lighting is to guide your path and see where you are going in the dark. It is essential that all thoroughfares i.e., walkways and pathways, in your yard are well-lit for safety reasons. Outdoor wall lights can be used to light up entry and exit points, while post-mounted lanterns light up pathways.
  2. Related to the point above, garden lighting discourages break-ins by intruders or prowlers as they are less likely to creep into spaces that are well illuminated. Thus, outdoor garden lighting can be an excellent protective feature you add to your home.
  3. Your well-light outdoor space can be a wonderful haven to sit under the stars and relax. If you are looking to entertain or do a little night-time gardening, outdoor lighting is the way to go. Thus, garden lighting can also be an excellent way to extend your living space.
  4. Why enjoy your yard only during the daytime? With garden lighting, your yard looks aesthetically pleasing during night-time too. Show it off with pride!
  5. Professional garden lighting can enhance your home’s value by highlighting the yard and its design elements. Did you know illuminating a space can make it seem larger too?

Now that you know the benefits of installing garden lighting, Gumtree explains which are the best ones to use.

  1. Solar lighting
  2. Incandescent bulbs
  3. Halogen bulbs
  4. Fluorescents
  5. LED bulbs

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to shop! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android) and don’t forget to use your location settings to find local home and garden information close to home.


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