Benefits of Gen X in the Job Market

While you don’t normally disclose age on your CV, potential employers are bound to find out during the interview process. Being young is definitely seen as a plus in today’s job market, but Generation X should not be discarded altogether as they possess some very important skills that could be beneficial to employers.

Here are a few of the top reasons why employers should take advantage of Gen X.

  1. They have mastered the work/life balance as they were born in a time where those they looked up to (their parents) were driven into the ground with long work hours. Seeing how this impacted families and mental health, a lot of Gen Xers started their careers with the mentality that it is better to work to live, not live to work.
  2.  Their extensive years of experience make them more specialized in their chosen fields.
  3. They are continually seen as amazing team players with superior communication skills.
  4. They are loyal. While youthfulness is a positive, many millennials today find themselves getting bored easily and jumping from one job to the next. Generation Xers prefer to stay loyal to businesses that treat them well.

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