For brand pages, it is no small feat reaching one million Facebook likes – and so few have, especially in South Africa.

Big names who are part of the one million club, such as Charlize Theron, Trevor Noah and Nelson Mandela make more sense due to their international status, local brands include the likes of Soccer Laduma, Cricket South Africa, Glamour Magazine, MTN and most impressively, Knorr.

The latest local brand to join the illustrious club is Gumtree, the country’s leading online classifieds site.

“With the ever-evolving digital age we find ourselves in, and the increasing shift towards online ultimately being driven by consumer behaviour, brands need to realise the importance of delivering direct communication to their consumers in a way that consumers want to be engaged with”, says Claire Cobbledick, Head of Marketing for Gumtree SA.

“Social is a platform that allows you to do this, deliver it in a way that suits your brand and that is almost tailor-made for your community”, she continues

When examining the Knorr @WhatsForDinner Facebook page – which has now reached over 11 million likes – is the perfect example of this. They have packaged their information in a way that is easily consumable, helpful, extremely relevant, yet still brand-driven. They have become approachable and engage with their following daily through their Facebook page, which was a tool that was almost non-existent before social – much like any other brand.

“And by understanding how, why, when and what your consumers engage with is such useful insight, which was not necessarily available before”, comments Cobbledick. This is where Facebook allows brand pages to fill the communication gaps – it allows us to give our communities what they want, when they want it and in such a way they want to consume it.

While Gumtree is still quite new to the one million club, it is definitely an accolade worth celebrating. Since its inception in 2005, the platform has been used to display creative and video content produced in and out of campaign, up-weight campaigns by reiterating them on the page as well as putting out simple Gumtree-relevant information that is genuinely useful to consumers.

To have a look at the Gumtree SA social campaigns and projects, visit the Facebook or Twitter pages.

Gumtree Facebook Screenshot

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