Becoming an Esthetician: What You Should Know

If beauty and skincare is something you thoroughly enjoy at home, chances are becoming an esthetician could be a great career for you. Let’s dive into a few things you should know about the job.


What is an esthetician exactly?

A licensed skincare professional specializing in the application and administration of cosmetic skincare treatments. An esthetician is not a medical professional, but rather an expert in performing cosmetic procedures aimed at improving and enhancing the appearance of one’s skin.


What does an esthetician do?

An esthetician evaluates one’s skin, their skincare routine, and their diet; the combination of these helps them determine the best treatments to enhance the beauty of their skin. Some treatments include facials, microdermabrasion, hair removal, chemical peels, and scrubs. Additionally, estheticians can help recommend the best skincare products on the market that will help their clients with their at-home skincare routines. They may also make referrals for their clients to see dermatologists if necessary.


Where do estheticians work?

Spas, salons, or barbershops and hair salons that share spaces with other personal care professionals. Many estheticians choose to create a salon or studio from home, too.


Other than professional schooling and training, what other traits and/or skills should an esthetician possess?

An esthetician should have a thorough understanding of the biology of the skin and how it reacts to different treatments. They should be comfortable to physically apply treatments to their clients’ skin, and counsel them about proper skincare. An esthetician should have a strong ability to communicate effectively, professionally, and clearly with empathy and kindness. Patience, compassion, and flexibility are also key!


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