Become a Gumtrepreneur and start your side hustle in 2018

The concept of the side hustle gained huge momentum in 2017 – especially as unemployment and living costs continue to soar.

With South African growth forecasts for 2018 at 1% at best, there’s little chance of the broader economy lifting incomes which is why we’re more excited than ever by the Gumtrepreneur movement.


Over twelve years we’ve watched an inspiring group of side hustling pioneers – people we call Gumtrepreneurs – build extraordinary spare time businesses right across the country. In many cases, their side hustles have, in time, become so big that they’ve given up their day jobs (although all of them caution that you should only do that after you have built a very robust base for your new business).

We recently asked our Facebook audience to let us know what their “side hustle” is. The stories were inspiring and are really worth checking out. Gumtrepreneur, Oscar Wyllie survived two years of unemployment by buying and selling electronics on the site. Lamla Princess Gqolodashe was only twenty years old when she started selling household appliances on Gumtree for extra cash – a year later, she employs two staff members and has expanded her business to include party hiring. Ndumiso Masuku buys and sells gaming consoles in Durban.

Some of them have turned their side hustle into big businesses, others use it to fund their holidays.

Side hustling potentially represents an economic revolution in South Africa. It enables everyone who can access the internet to capitalise on their earning potential without also requiring access to a vast amount of capital. In the tough times that lie ahead, few of us can afford not be on the side hustle.