Schools are back earlier than normal this year which means an even longer gap to the next payday and a stretched budget for many parents.

Claire Cobbledick, GM-Director of Gumtree SA, has some great tips for getting your kids back to school with less financial pain.

  1. UNIFORMS. If the school shop can’t help you with a second-hand blazer then check online for someone selling your school’s outfits before investing in expensive new clothing that your kid might outgrow very soon.


  1. TEXTBOOKS. Always try to find used textbooks, either from families in the grade above or online, but make double sure that what you’re buying is the correct set book for the 2019 curriculum in that subject.


  1. STATIONERY. There are great deals on new stationery available online and also some second-hand items like advanced calculators that are worth exploring.


  1. FURNITURE. A good study space is essential for your child to work productively at home. The key ingredients are the right sized desk, a comfortable chair at the correct height and a decent desk light – all of these items can be bought second hand at a greatly reduced cost online.


  1. SPORTS EQUIPMENT. The new year inevitably demands a new sporting kit. Cricket gear, in particular, is needed for this term and it’s crazy to invest in new bats, pads, gloves and helmets for a rapidly growing child – check the huge savings online for a kit that’s probably had only a season or two’s usage.


  1. SELL YOUR OLD STUFF. Raise money for the new school year by selling all the items listed above that you might have from last year. And, while you’re at it, sell any unwanted Christmas gifts, old cellphones, redundant furniture, unloved clothing and attic clutter on Gumtree. With some smart trading, you could actually make a profit from the back-to-school process.

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