B2B Sales Tips

Selling to B2B customers is extremely difficult – but there are a few tips and tricks of the trade you can use to help you!

  • Cyberstalk your customers

Selling your product/service to another business is much easier when you know what problems they are facing. Subscribe to their newsletters and social media pages, read their annual reports, set up Google Alerts. Once you know more, you can tailor-make a sales pitch they will respond to.

  • Sell the appointment, not the product

You have to get a foot in the door before you can sell – so focus on getting the appointment. Send a brief email, ask for 30 minutes of their time and suggest appointment times as options. Phone and find out who the decision-maker is – don’t make assumptions based off titles.

  • Offer options

Stick by your pricing – but offer more than one deal that varies in pricing and value. You only have one shot to impress – so make it count.

Once you’ve pitched, give them space and time to consider. 57% of B2B customers admitted they’d prefer to purchase from a salesperson who “doesn’t try to apply pressure or hassle them when following up.” Let them come to go!

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