The 2019 Geneva Motor Show has only just kicked off but it’s already being praised for having the best concept cars on show to date.

Predictably there’s been a strong emphasis on Electric and Smart vehicles, with Volkswagen, Volvo, Fiat and Audi all displaying new prototypes, but it’s the quirkiness of the cars on offer that stands out according to  Nunben Dixon, Head of Operations at Gumtree Auto. “Automakers are really thinking outside the box when it comes to the design and usage of vehicles. They’re preparing for the millennial car market, who do not see car ownership as aspirational or even as a necessity.”

The Fiat Concept Centoventi is one of the few more affordable concept EVs to debut in recent years. “It will potentially be sold as a basic shell with accessories sold separately (or 3D printed) – even paint would not come standard as the car can be overlaid with printed wraps year to year” says Dixon.

He also highlights the Aston Martin’s Lagonda which claims to be the world’s first zero emission luxury brand and comes with front seats that swivel to face the rear passengers.

The Citroën Ami One is the Instagram star of the show as a car that was not designed for regular drivers. Citroën’s Jean-Arther Madelaine-Advenier says it’s “less like a car and more like a connected object … not meant to appeal to a car freak … the aesthetic is different for a wider and younger audience”. The Ami One is slightly over 2.5 metres long, with two seats and can’t go over 50kph. Dixon says “it’s launched as a smart rideshare vehicle that can be hailed and rented for minutes, days or months, similar to Smart bikes and scooters that are accessed via apps in major US and European cities as an alternative to car ownership in areas where congestion, parking and soaring real estate costs make owning a car costly and undesirable.”

Dixon believes the Geneva 2019 concepts offer a great glimpse into the future of motoring which has to be “affordable, electric and in tune with the big shifts in how in cars will be used”.

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