Are you Insured?

It’s sad, but crime is a serious reality. A vehicle is stolen or hijacked in South Africa approximately every four minutes.

There is a lot of inconvenience and stress associated with theft, like trauma – because vehicle theft is so often associated with violence – and financial consequences because of peripheral costs like the insurance excess fee and the cost of replacing car keys, house keys, remotes and other personal items that may have been lost with the car. You may even lose your phone, ID and bank card in a hijacking or theft situation.

While most insurers will cover the damage to your car, these additional costs normally come out of your own pocket. However, some insurers may offer top-up cover for these, as well as car hire, so specifically ask about it.

One insurer who offers top-up is Bidvest, in the form of TheftBuster, which specifically covers loss through hijacking or theft. It provides cover for the insurance excess and pays towards other items that have been lost along with the car. Items such as home or office keys and remotes are covered, as are the costs of replacing identity or driver’s licenses, and car hire. Assuming the stolen vehicle is not recovered, TheftBuster also pays a sum towards the victim’s replacement vehicle if it’s purchased through an approved dealership.

If the vehicle is recovered, it is sent for a full professional interior and exterior valet.

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