Are DSLR Cameras on the Outs?

It hasn’t been long since getting clear, high-resolution images required a significant cash investment. Thanks to the significant increase in technological innovations today, getting a similar quality image is as easy as grabbing your smartphone and snapping away.

Here are a few reasons why digital single lens reflex cameras, or DSLR cameras, may be on their way out:

No more shutter-lag.

Smartphones are now able to take high quality images without any shutter-lag at all with the help of a few inexpensive accessories. If you like to take photographs in low light or of fast-moving things like running children or pets, a DSLR is no longer needed to achieve this goal.

Smartphones can have multiple lenses, too.

In order to shoot different types of images, you need lenses specifically created for those effects. That used to mean needing a DSLR with a bag full of large, heavy, and expensive lenses. Now, many smartphones are compatible with small lenses created for these exact purposes; they are smaller, cheaper, and much lighter to carry around.

Smartphones are just easier, simple as that.

Let’s face it, it is just so much easier to pull out your smartphone than it is to pull out your DSLR and get it all ready to shoot. DSLR cameras are just not good for those ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ situations. Convenience is huge these days!

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