Aluminium Construction Pays Off in the New Jaguar

It was a tough task for Jaguar’s design and the engineering teams, but the new XF had to be better than its predecessor, which is one of the most awarded cars in automotive history.

NewModel-JagXF3Why is this model so important?

The large luxury sedan segment is important because it represents the halo model of a brand. By design, the previous XF is considered a timeless classic, and that is a tough act to follow.

For a niche player like Jaguar, success in this segment is non-negotiable, competing with the likes of the Audi A6, BMW 7 and Merc E.


NewModel-JagXF2What does this mean?

Being better than the previous model is not good enough. Being better than the competition is. Here is a car constructed largely of aluminium that is lighter by around 190kg, more efficient and packed with technology. It has the lowest CO2 emissions of any non-hybrid model in the segment, exceptional aerodynamic efficiency of Cd 0.26, has segment-leading rear seat space, engines producing power from132kW (the Ingenium diesel) to 280kW (V6 supercharged petrol), and technology feats that include full-LED headlights, a laser head-up display, adaptive cruise control with queue-assist, lane keep-assist, intelligent speed limiter and semi-automated parking.


NewModel-JagXF4What’s the fuss about?

An unrivalled blend of design, luxury, technology and efficiency to lead the business car segment, underpinned by class-leading driving dynamics and refinement – what else could you ask for?

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