All you Need to Know about Renewing your Driver’s License

When you get a driver’s license at 18, you feel on top of the world. You drive for years until the moment when your driver’s license expires or is stolen. What do you do in these scenarios? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Read on to find out more from Gumtree.

What to do when your driver’s license expires:

  1.     Keep a track of the expiration date of your license as it must be renewed four weeks in advance. If you do so after, you will have to bear an additional cost to apply for a temporary license.
  2.     Visit the nearest DLTC with documents including your ID document and copy, old driver’s license, four black and white photographs, proof of address and application fee. However, it is recommended to contact DLTC for a list of documents required before you visit.
  3.     Fill out the DL1 form, which is the official application for renewal of the driver’s license.
  4.     Before your appointment, do an eye test with your preferred optometrist and take your results along. Alternatively, you can do the test at the DLTC too.

What to do if your driver’s license is stolen:

  1.     In this scenario, you must apply for a temporary driver’s license first.
  2.     To get a new driver’s license, you do not have to retake the driver’s test.
  3.     Visit the DLTC with the following documents: ID and copy of passport and copy, proof of address, four black and white photographs.
  4.     At the DLTC, you will undergo an eye test and have your fingerprints taken. Alternatively, you can do an eye test beforehand and take the results with you.

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