Advantages Of Baking With Children

Since most of us are spending so much more time at home due to the pandemic-stricken environment we are in, baking and cooking with kids can be a fun pastime to incorporate into your weekends. Baking with kids can be fun and messy with several benefits too.


Gumtree outlines the advantages of easy baking with the little ones:

1. Life skills: Baking inculcates one of the most fundamental life skills in children i.e., the ability to be independent and cook for yourself. This makes them more comfortable and adept at preparing their own meals later in life.

2. Fine motor skills: Measuring, mixing, kneading, and pouring can help children practice their fine motor skills. We recommend waiting until 9 or 10 years before letting them use knives to chop and cut, with appropriate adult supervision.

3. Reading skills: Use recipes that align with their reading levels to encourage practicing reading skills while baking.

4. Family time: Baking is an excellent time to bond and encourage family time together. This special time is precious to parents and children, alike.

5. Math and numeracy: Recipes for baked goods can be complicated with several measurements involved. These encourage children to practice their math and numerical concepts as they learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide the various ingredients.

6. Science: Baking, of course, is a science. Use this time to explain the various scientific concepts such as the different chemical reactions, how dough rises, how an oven uses conduction etc.

7. Introduction of food: It is said that children who bake and cook are more open to tasting new and unfamiliar foods and ingredients.

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