Advantages Of Air Fryers Versus Conventional Ovens

Most homes in South Africa are equipped with stoves and conventional ovens. But with the advent of air fryers, most home chefs and cooks wonder, do we need all these appliances? An air fryer is a compact appliance that can be placed on countertops that uses convection heating to ‘fry’ food within it using hot air. A conventional oven, on the other hand, uses gas or electricity to provide heat for the cooking process. But is one better than the other?

Gumtree outlines the advantages of air fryers and ovens for you to choose:

Air fryers:

  1. Air fryers can produce the same effect of traditional deep frying without the need for oil, making it a highly healthy option. This can cut down calories by 70 to 80%.
  2. Deep frying food in oil has direct links to obesity. However, air fried food reduces the intake of excess oil, promoting healthier diets and weight loss.
  3. An air fryer can give the convenience of hands-free cooking as it does not need stirring or mixing.
  4. Air fryers only have a few buttons or knobs to function. Thus, they are perfect for amateur cooks, teenagers, college students or the elderly who do not want complicated appliances to work with.

Conventional ovens:

  1. The even heating functionalities of an oven ensures the food is cooked evenly and juices are sealed in. This also eliminates cold or hot spots in food, making the dishes more enjoyable.
  2. An oven provides greater control of the temperature, providing you more freedom to experiment and churn out amazing dishes!


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