A Room-by-Room Guide to Pet Proofing your Home

Pets are a part of the family, but that doesn’t mean they should have the same rights as us in the home. What’s more, a home that is not prepared to welcome our beloved pets can be a safety hazard. Here are our tips to pet-proofing your home:

Bathrooms & Kitchen

  • Keep the toilet lids closed at all times
  • Place medications and toxic cleaners high up
  • Block any small spaces pets could get stuck in
  • Keep foods out of reach, especially foods toxic to animals, and foods with plastic wrappers

Family Room

  • Do not leave any dangling cords within reach
  • Some plants can be poisonous when consumed by animals, so move those plants out of reach or replace them with pet-friendly versions


  • Always check beneath and behind your car before driving out
  • Move all vehicle chemicals to high shelving
  • Clean any oil spills off the floor
  • Keep all tools and sharp objects out of reach


  • Keep laundry and shoes behind closed doors to avoid entangling in laces
  • Keep any medications and lotions in your bedside drawer
  • Move any electrical wires out of reach

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