8 Ways to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Once you’ve purchased an epic new laptop from a Gumtree advert, the last thing you want is to lose time with it (or lose it all together!) due to a ransomware attack. What is ransomware, you ask? A malicious software used by cyber criminals to ask unsuspecting, innocent individuals for money (ransom) using extortion. This software will disrupt the normal operation of one or more parts of your laptop or desktop computer with no way to fix it other than to pay up.


Here are our top 8 tips to help you prevent such an attack!


  1. Never click on suspicious links in emails, from unfamiliar websites, or any other unverified sources.
  2. Do not open unverified email attachments. If your email software is warning you that the file has not been verified, do not take that lightly.
  3. Never use a USB drive from anyone you do not know.
  4. Always keep your operating system and computer software up-to-date. Your best defence is to be on top of this before cyber criminals find loopholes in the latest operating systems and software.
  5. Use a VPN whenever you are using public Wi-Fi; this will allow you to connect to the Wi-Fi and work anonymously.
  6. Do not share your personal data with anyone via text, messaging apps, or emails, regardless of whether the person on the other end claims to be a bank, service provider, or an employer.
  7. Do not download files from untrusted and unfamiliar websites.
  8. Install security software.


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