8 Ways To Prepare For a Sale

  1. Make sure the paperwork is in order.

When selling, you need to show proof of ownership and a current, valid licence disc, and the only way to do so is having the original registration papers on hand, which you have to hand over to the new owner anyway. Don’t go hunting for it when the new buyer asks for it, as it will result in a delay in finalising the transaction. Take your ID to the vehicle registration desk of your local council and simply request a duplicate copy of the registration papers. You are not the first one to have lost or misplaced the original, and it costs only a few rand to get the duplicate.


  1. Get the book

Similar to having the registration papers on hand, make sure you have the service and warranty books in the cubby. A new owner would want to see these and ensure you had the service history documented.


  1. Service history

On the subject of servicing, we can never emphasize enough the importance of having the documented full service history of your car. It is worth gold! While no guarantee your car will not break down, it provides some peace of mind that your car has been mechanically cared for, and adds thousands to its value.


  1. Current service

If your car is close in mileage to its next intended service, why not have it done as a matter of course? The fact that it is freshly serviced will appeal to a new owner for various reasons – he or she has some peace of mind that it is mechanically sound, and it is a huge bonus that they probably don’t need to budget for maintenance costs for the next year or so. Add the service price to your car’s resale price and do not budge on it. This way you more than recover the outlay and the car virtually sells itself.


  1. Fresh tyres?

Similar to the servicing, if the tyres are past their economic life, replace them. A fresh set of tyres does wonders for a car’s appearance and ride quality. Again, you will recover the outlay and the next buyer will then not have to budget for the expense in the foreseeable future. It simply raises your price and adds to the incentive of buying your car.


  1. Wheels and bodywork

If wheels are seriously scuffed, have it fixed. Also attend to little parking lot dents and scratches. The few grand in outlay will greatly enhance your car’s appearance and add to its appeal. A well-presented car will always sell easily and you could add a slight premium to the price, as there are many people who buy purely on the condition of a car and not its mileage.


  1. Clean up

Clean out all the trash inside the car and the boot, remove all personal items such as CDs, tow ropes, jumping cables and other paraphernalia you normally carry around and box it to place in your new car once you receive it. Invest in a thorough valet of the body and steam clean of the interior, boot and engine bay. First impressions are everything, and a clean car that presents itself in stunning shape will put you well on the way to a successful sale.


  1. Get a roadworthy certificate (RWC)

Obtain a roadworthy certificate (RWC) before selling your car. It is valid for three months from date of issue. The new buyer has to get one anyway before registering it in his or her name. The RWC costs only a few rands to obtain but adds thousands of rands in value to your car as it offers the new buyer peace of mind that your car is roadworthy and mechanically sound – at least to the extent of the components checked in such an inspection. He or she need not risk an expensive repair when they do the roadworthy themselves, or make you face an expensive bill for selling a defective car. It benefits both parties equally as it will ensure there are no unexpected, nasty surprises in stall.

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